CNC Professional
Bonus Pack Options for CNC Lite
(CNC Plus)
CNC Lite
Graphical Operator Interface
  Machine types: Mills, Lathes, Laser, EDM, Router, Water jet, Flame, Grinders & Punch   Yes Yes Yes Yes    


Turret or Nibbling Punch Press   Yes No No No  
Motor types: Servo brush\brushless, AC\DC, Stepper, PWM or hydraulic   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Definable Operator Interface using drag & drop locatable bitmap images   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Mix & match virtual on-screen user controls with real physical ones   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Digital I/O logic language.  No PLC’s or 3rd party software required. Event driven   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Parametric logic language for conditional routines: User prompting, IF THEN statements to direct program flow & Advanced Math   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Dozens of logic examples for digital & analog I/O, tool changers, homing, jogging, turrets, gear change, probes, user buttons, monitoring, conditional routines & many more   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
32 bit DSP based microprocessor motion card available capable of 62.5 millionths of a second servo update times per axis & feed rates up to 122,000 IPM   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
400+ page printed manual(s) & 64 meg of multimedia documentation & photos   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Up to 6 coordinated axes plus 2 positional. Up to 200 digital I/O. Unlimited program size.   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
UP to 8 coordinated axis including digital I/O, expandable to 344 I/O.   Yes No No No  
G & M codes: Default set provided, Fixed motions & limited customizing   Yes Yes Yes No  
G & M codes: User-definable table 199 of each with definable motion   Yes No No No  
Provided ready-to-go CNC operator interfaces for several machine types   Yes Yes Yes No  
Non-CNC general factory automation with axes & digital I/O control   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Tool Parameter screen with offsets for tools, sizes, home, fixtures & custom values   Yes Yes Yes No  
Tool life management screen with tool photos & hourly usage logs   Yes Yes Yes No  
Solid Model graphic tool animation display in real-time as machine cuts   Yes No No No  
Wire frame graphics shows tool offset while it colors in as machine cuts   Yes No No No  
Provided Multimedia 2D-3D CAD/CAM system with customizable posts   Yes No No No  
10 CAD translators provided to read DXF, IGES, HPGL, Gerber, CL & more   Yes No No No  
Graphics to motion, picture to part directly cut from visual models. No G code necessary.   Yes No No No  
2D G41 & G42 tool compensation plus M98 and subroutine calls and return   Yes Yes No No  
Patent Pending 3D & 5-axis tool compensation with gouge protection at the controller   Yes No No No  
Backlash axis compensation which prevents backlash before it occurs   Yes Yes No No  
Lead screw axis mapping compensation with user definable point file   Yes Yes No No  
3D Fixture compensation to allow for tilted, skewed or non-flat parts   Yes No No No  
Volumetric 3D Compensation   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Diagnostics tools, watch voltages, positions, I/O states, errors & history. Saves to file.   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Servo tuning software provided with optional advanced servo design kit   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Desktop interactive simulation of tool cutting, digital I/O events & logic flow   Yes No No No  
Send commands via Network, RS232 & ActiveX. Remote machine monitoring (API/DLL).   Yes No No No  
Remote control option available via modem, direct control of mouse, keyboard & screen   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
E-mailable parameter files, logic & backup data can be sent for troubleshooting   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Customizable user-defined maintenance messages at regular hourly intervals   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Dynamic feed that automatically adjust feed rate based on spindle load   Yes No No No  
Patent Pending SmartPath option available for intelligent look ahead feed rate/accel/decel optimizing   Yes No No No  
Nesting option available, part sheet layout optimization   Yes No No No  
4 axes wire EDM option available for the CAD/CAM system   Yes No No No  
Dimensioning & Engraving option available for the CAD/CAM system   Yes No No No  
Art2Cam option available, color or black & white photo to raised 3D image   Yes No No No  
Parametric splines, NURBS & 3D offsets a 3D splined profile   Yes No No No  
Dynamic dual processor look ahead buffering G8 & G9 with smoothing   Yes Yes Yes No  
FastMode allows mold makers to cut large programs with small moves fast, using dual processors   Yes No No No  
Dynamic look ahead with DSP buffering for extremely fast G code throughput. Look ahead your entire program length   Yes No No No  
MATRIX command for part program Scale, Rotation, Mirror, Stretch & 3D Skew   Yes No No No  
Canned Cycles for Drilling, Pecking, Boring, Dwell, Tapping & Custom Cycles   Yes Yes Yes No  
Mill Canned Cycles, Pockets, Slots, Ellipses, Circular, Squares & Fillets   Yes No No No  
Advanced Lathe Canned Cycles: Face, OD/ID, Grooves, Threads & Rough cuts   Yes No No No  
Limited Lathe Canned Cycles: Pecking, Facing, Turning, plus IPR & constant surface feed   Yes Yes No No  
Lathe threading with fixed & variable spindle speeds with & without encoder   Yes Yes No No  
Mold makers Canned Cycles 3D ramps, Spheres, Cylinders plus others   Yes No No No  
Use math equations or variables in G code program   Yes Yes Yes No  
Mid-Program Start, restarts a program midway by prompting for missing info   Yes Yes Yes No  
Mid-Program Start, restarts visually using a mouse in a viewport, restarts midway by reading previous offsets, axis motion, feeds & speeds   Yes Yes No No  
Instant multimedia help: Synthesized voice, high-resolution photos & movies   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Multimedia command set for playing wave files, text to speech & photos   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Multimedia job planner: Part photos, Vendor info, Cut-time & Process sheet   Yes No No No  
Send & receive jobs through background RS232 Terminal communications   Yes No No No  
Read & write to ASCII text files or RS232: histories, errors, data & maintenance events   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Probe, teach & digitize modes which saves to user defined file name   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Renishaw Series SP2 model probe & non-contact probe drivers with digitizing routines   Yes No No No  
Gantry mode with master/slave union   Yes Yes No No  
2D arcs, 3D arcs and Helical arcs in up to 8 axes   Yes Yes No No  
Crash barriers to protect fixtures, chucks & tooling   Yes Yes No No  
Mouse jog graphically to axis positions   Yes No No No  
Absolute, incremental, millimeter, inch, lock axis, single step, cycle start & feed hold modes   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Dry run, distance-to-go, machine zero, IJR arcs & block skip modes   Yes Yes Yes No  
Network compatible   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Multiple password protection levels & feature access limits   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
One year maintenance, support & free upgrades   Yes Yes Yes Yes