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The esthetics of the user screen is our advantage.

Imagine the most prettiest graphics screen that could be created from bitmapped images.

CNC Professional adds solid modeled tool path animation like a video game cutter/flame/beam chewing away at a block of solid material.

The whole screen is a collection of bitmap pictures. This is your operator interface. As feature rich and pretty or else as basic and simple as you would like. This is done by dragging and dropping images we supply or else you can take with a camera. No programmer is needed. No VB script, No C++, No ladder logic or XHTML code needed. Use check boxes, fill-in-the-blank captions and bitmaps you drag and place using your right mouse button.

Our motto is "CamSoft is the most Configurable System on the market"

Even though we don't have permission to hand out our most esthetic, best looking screens you can see some "examples" on this page

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CNC Professional V18

Lathe Interface

Mill Interface

Mill Interface

Plasma Interface

High Speed Mill Interface

High Speed Waterjet Interface

Punch Press Interface

EDM Interface

Lathe Interface

Robot Interface

Water Jet Interface

Laser Interface

Plasma Interface


Press Brake

JogStick Interface

Foam Cutter Blade or Hot Wire

Goi Screen

DRO Screen Mill

G&L Lathe


5 Axis



3D Carver

Hardinge Lathe



Tool Changers

3D Mold

Punch Press


Knee Mill


Sign Router

Flame Rotary


Six Axis Tool Grinder

Warner Swasey VTL

Cincinnati Dual Turret Lathe

Lathe Mill Combo Controls


6 Axis Robot

Teaching Robot

Inside Cabinet

Outside Cabinet
Vertical Hob Gear Grinder
Vertical Hob Gear Grinder

Cincinnati Horizontal

High Speed Small 5 Axis Mill

CHNC Lathe

Surface Grinder

4 Head Router

Roll Former

Robot Factory

Lathe Large with Camsoft Flat Panel Pendant

Knee Mill Acer

Form Roller

Foam Cutter Horizontal



Key Pad Panel

Small Part

Run Part Families Automatically. Example shows HVAC parts

Operator Station Kit

Industrial Computer Motherboard

Iges Plus

Electrical Cabinet


Auto Cycles Lathe

Auto Cycles 3D

Equipment Flow Chart

Camera Part

Auto Cycles Mill