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    Prominant Customer List

  • 3M Co.
  • ABB Inc
  • Air Force Research Lab New Mexico
  • American Airlines
  • Association for the Blind
  • Auburn University
  • Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Batesville Casket Co.
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Baylor Scott and White Hospital
  • BF GoodRich
  • Black & Decker
  • Boeing
  • Burton Snow Boards
  • California Correctional Facility at Atascadero
  • California Institute of Technology
  • California Men's Colony
  • Caltrans Dept. of Transportation
  • Carestream Health
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Central Virginia community college
  • Chabot College
  • Chris Craft
  • Cisco Systems
  • City of New Haven
  • Clackmas College
  • Coherent Laser
  • Collingswood Board of Education
  • Colorado State University
  • D.O.C.
  • D.O.D.
  • D.O.E.
  • D.O.T.
  • Dairy Queen
  • Delaware Technical Community College
  • Denver City High School
  • Digital Stone Project
  • Disney Imagineering
  • Dresser-Rand
  • Dupont
  • Durham College
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Edwards Air Force Base
  • Emerson electric
  • EXXON Nuclear Idaho Co.
  • Fadal
  • Fagor Espana
  • FMC Corporation
  • Fontana School District
  • Ford Motor Company
  • GE Polymershapes
  • General Electric
  • General Electric AeroSpace
  • General Motors
  • Gibson Guitars
  • Glidewell Labs
  • Goodrich
  • Goodyear Technical Center
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Hanscom AFB
  • Harley Davidson
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hill Air Force Base
  • Hlaing University Campus
  • Hughes Aircraft
  • IBM
  • Institute For Astronomy
  • Intel Corp
  • ITE Central College
  • JDSU
  • John Deere
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Khalifa University of Science
  • Kingston University
  • Kirkland Air Force Base
  • Kodak
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Lockheed
  • Los Alamos Nat'l Labs
  • Martin Marietta
  • Masters Vocational College
  • Mayo Clinic
  • McDonnell Douglas
  • Microsoft
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Morgan Stanley Research Lab
  • Morton Thiokol
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • NASA
  • National Oil
  • National Research Council of Canada
  • Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
  • Nazarene University
  • New Jersey State Council of the Arts
  • New Mexico Tech
  • Norco College
  • North America Union Corporation
  • North American Pet Products
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • Northrup Corp.
  • NSK Corp
  • OneX Corporation
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Peterbilt Motors
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Remington Firearms
  • Reynolds International
  • Riverside Community College District
  • Rockwell
  • Rocky Mountain Composites
  • Ruger Firearms
  • Sandia Nat'l Labs
  • Seimens Electronics
  • Seoul University
  • Singapore University
  • Sloan Memorial Cancer Center
  • SMU School of Engineering
  • Sound School of Aquaculture
  • Sound Sleep
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Southern Regional School District
  • State of South Dakota
  • Steinway Piano
  • Suzuki
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Teknadyne Defense Products
  • Terra Footwear
  • Tesla Motors
  • Texas Tech
  • Thiokol Propulsion
  • Transcor Int'l
  • TWA
  • U.C. Santa Barbara
  • U.S. Naval Station Point Mugu
  • U.S. Navy
  • UCO/Lick Observatory
  • Undersea Systems
  • United Technical Center
  • University Hospital of Alabama
  • University of Autonoma de Baja California
  • University of Hawaii
  • University of Maine
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of New Haven
  • University of Ontario
  • USA Health Systems
  • USA Hospital
  • USDA
  • Varco Intl
  • West Virginia board of education
  • Whirlpool
  • Winnebago


Customer Quote# 22
Thank you for allowing me to go to your classes. It is good
to see that all of you are caring people and the presentation
was inspiring as well as skillfully put together. I want to
thank you, also, for all the fresh food and beverages that
were available throughout the two days.

Mike Shimooka


Customer Quote# 27
Thank you for your generous support and assistance for helping me to get my
cnc up and running. I am very pleased with my version of the CAMSOFT cnc
interface. Thank you for giving us this great software tool that we can work with. I
swear that I'd rather have this pc based cnc than the ultra expensive Mitsubishi
controller that I had professionally retrofitted on another lathe a few years ago.
PC based cnc has that tremendous advantage. I'm in control!

Have a good holiday everyone!
Murray McEwan


Customer Quote# 35
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, You are the greatest! Also, I like to
take the opportunity to mention that CNC Professional is very intuitive, actually is
genial. One executable to setup the machine, one to run the machine, and
another to create G-code. Everyone at CamSoft did a great job.




Customer Quote# 45



Customer Quote# 50
We have come a long way in learning the CamSoft CNC system. We
expected this learning curve and have nothing but excellent things to say
about the product and support we received during this past several months.

We were convinced your open architecture system is the future of all controls,
thats why we ordered your system. Our original thinking has been proven
perfectly correct. The ability to customize the control to exactly suit the
customers needs is something very valuable.

We cannot say enough about the customer support you and your staff has
provided us. This is heads and shoulders above the support we have ever
received from any of the other manufacturers.

We will continue to install CamSoft and with your help will make our 
installations the best that our customers have ever had.

Del Younglas


Customer Quote# 51
We had a great time and learned allot. That was one of the very best two day
seminars I have ever attended for valuable knowledge, new innovations and
actually talking to someone who really knows the topic.

The hospitality and food was excellent also.

Once again Thank You !

Mark Reust
Terry Little


Customer Quote# 57
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I am very satisfied with
your software. The people on the floor, which is the best test, love it.

(Second Letter)

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your company’s
products and services. I recently purchased a custom CNC router, upon arrival
the software did not work correctly. In my frustration with the vendor and 7
months of downtime I found your company on the web and I am glad I did.
Your company delivered to us a custom software solution in 3 weeks that the
original equipment vendor said would take 6 months!

I am also very pleased with the way you handled my account. You were
supportive with your follow-up communications without being overbearing.
Everyone at your company took the time to explain to a non-CNC savvy
person what I needed to know to get my machine up and running.

I would especially like to thank Ruben for his on site and off site work. He
made the east/west coast time delay almost unnoticeable.

Bill Henshaw 


Customer Quote# 60
As I mentioned on the phone, I love the AS3000, but I seldom have to use it any
more as my position has changed in the company and I no longer do the
applications. But I still have customers call me direct to help them and when
they do, I turn to my AS3000.

Let Gary know, I still think you guys have a great product.

Thanks Again -- Brad


Customer Quote# 62
It is refreshing to see a US based company with such "on-the-ball" service!!!
Johan Swart


Customer Quote# 71
My servo runs! LOL
I installed the card in the computer, hooked up the servo and amplifier and ran
my first program. (keep in mind this is the first servo motor I have ever seen in
my life)

Tuning the servo was easy.. That took about 10 minutes to figure out. (unless I
somehow got lucky) Its almost like an electronic version of a automobile
carburetor. Praise to ElectroCraft for getting me the manuals I needed so quickly.

Paul Oliver


Customer Quote# 78
Thank you again for inviting me to attend the two day class you offered last
week. During my visit I was impressed with your products and your operation.
Programming the user interface for machine controls appears straight forward
with your tool set. Having the UI run in a windows environment and having the
servo loops closed with DSP is a smart way of doing things.

Lynn Saunders


Customer Quote# 81
I want to compliment you and your staff and especially Ruben Ordonez for
your commitment to support and customer service.

Ruben has been prompt and attentive to all my emails and phone calls and
has made this upgrade virtually seamless.

My compliments to your entire staff.

John Abbenhouse


Customer Quote# 83
Please accept my sincere CONGRADULATIONS for developing
such a simple and user-friendly product.



Customer Quote# 91
I flew last week to Savanna Georgia to a machine shop that I have dealt
with in the past and seen a machine that was running your program and I
tell you it was the slickest thing I seen the ease of use and the versatility
was far superior to any other program I've seen.  As to the programming my
friend showed me some of the tricks that we talked about and seeing it
first hand it all falls together for me now. I will be starting to wire up my
machine within the next week or two and I feel it will go smoothly.

I wish to express to you and your people how much gratitude and respect that
our company has for you.  You have shown to us that your company is not just
out there to sell your software and forget about the prospects.  You stick
with them and offer support even when they haven't purchased your product
yet.  You walk them through and explain every detail about the product and
help with the hardware. I wish to thank you again for all the help that you
have given us.

R. Maple


Customer Quote# 93
Thank you so much for your kind assistance. There's so much capability to Camsoft!!,
anything needed can be done.
Thanks again,
(More E-mail)
Thanks. DANG! Don't you ever take any time off? I thought this (email) would
just be a waiting for you Monday morning. I don't expect you to work on Sunday.

(More E-mail)


"With this advice","Once again, I won the bet, "Camsoft can do anything a 
Pro control can do, only better"

Thanks for your help,

(More E-mail)

I know of no other computer software product that comes even close to this 
much quality detailed documentation.



Customer Quote# 98
I have always thought that Camsoft has had "Great" Tech Support in the past
and still continue their "Excellent Quality" of Tech Support in the present.
Your tech-support is "A" quality in my books."
Thank you again.


Customer Quote# 101
I just completed the retrofit at HP in Cleveland yesterday.
Other than some minor changes in cbk that I need to make,
this machine runs pretty good.

We all were impressed to see that the Shinx CNC could
maintain very nice position with complicated geometry,
and therefore produce excellent finish on part,
even at feed rates in excess of 500 ipm.



Customer Quote# 109
Wow thanks. Nice way to start the day. I have not 
over the years had some one debug my code before. 
The best the Allen Bradleys and Siemens of the 
world would do is explain how a function etc. is 

You guys are coming through for us. I was very
impressed with Ernie.



Customer Quote# 111
Thanks so much for your help with this project.
Greg came in on Monday and left today.
He was fantastic; Greg was professional and totally
knowledgeable concerning your software and hardware.

I'm sure that without his help we would not be running anytime soon! 

I would certainly use and recommend CamSoft and Greg's again
and highly sing yours and Greg's commitment to quality customer service.
Thanks again and we look forward to using the machine and all it's capabilities.  

Allen Mandel


Customer Quote# 121
Just a quick note to let you know that our CamSoft installation
went beautifully today. Everything seems to be working perfectly
and I wanted you to know I'm very happy with your products and support. 

Have a great weekend.



Customer Quote# 129
Again, thank you very much.
You guys provide a fantastic product, and provide an equal quality of support.
Please tell your boss that you are awsome, for me ;>)

G. Jones


Customer Quote# 131
My decision to go ahead was made mainly because of your proven dealer support.
Also, by CamSoft developing the base CBK, it will allow me to
concentrate in other areas of the integration.

Another positive aspect of this job is being able to utilizing the
excellent Yaskawa drives and motors, along with mechanical tables
which are in good condition.

Scott Dawick


Customer Quote# 135
I have been cutting test parts in the air and
man this machine is no slouch,it really
moves around like it means it.

I am really liking the cnc software. I will get you video asap.

Thank You,

(2nd E-mail) 

Great CNC control

I just cut my first part out today and I am
very impressed with the performance of you cnc control software.

It has exceeded my expectation.

Thank You very much,



Customer Quote# 136
Awesome service! 

These folks are all about service! They have 
helped me get my AS3000 cam system up and running 
when I needed it the most and have always been 
there to walk me though my lack of computer 
skills and typically bend over backwards to help 
beginners like me get back to carving metal in a 

Thanks guys!

5S Dude


Customer Quote# 140
 I just want to thank you for all the help you have been. It's hard to find that kind of service anymore.

Brett S.


Customer Quote# 144
I spoke with you in February 2007. Since that time I have purchased some of your software and setup a few machines.
I have found the product to be a great one and would like to start working on some other machines.



Customer Quote# 149
 I've been testing today, and must say that I'm ecstatic over the results to date.
 You guys are awesome, and I'm talking with some of my other teammates about some other projects.
 It seems we have two old CNC machines, and Facilities/Maintenance is discussing upgrading their controllers.
 I've asked why they're considering spending $140K for each machine to have someone else do this,
when we could do it with CamSoft and a P/C for less and have a better result and better support.



Customer Quote# 152
Thanks for the quick response (not to mention it is saturday ). Your customer service is really beyond expectation.

Best Regards and have a nice weekend.


Customer Quote# 154
Finally, our team have completed the ring making machine. 

Here, we just want to say thanks for your support at all time. Without your support , we don't think we can complete the  whole project. 

Thank you.

best regards,


Customer Quote# 156
The logic is good.  I got my son Alex in here, and we went over it. 
He immediately liked it. 
The simplicity is great, and this of course makes it easier to do the work... 
"make that machine run".


2nd e-mail

I like the concept.  I have already went the route of how cheap can you get... 
and really, the is totally limited, and tech. support is unavailable... 
and those softwares are just not up to the job.
Maybe for some slow, hobby machine, but not a full blown production machine.
So again, I like what you have done. Happy to use. 
I have worked with your company this last week, the support was good, and look forward to our continued cooperation.  

I am very happy with the system.  Finished it last night. 
And I have a very satisfied feeling with the results. 
I love it.

Jeff R.


Customer Quote# 160
This machine and it's control have been excellent
and a pleasure to use compared to other machines 
in the shop with Fagor and Fadal controls.  

K. Lander 


Customer Quote# 162
I like your product and it has impressed me at every step.
I've compared it to other options available and yours wins hands down.



Customer Quote# 165
I have to say thanks to you guys.
My repair guys were just here, went through everything, 
then called you and got a fix right off the bat. 

Thank you, thank you. 
You have a deep knowledge of your product and apply it brilliantly.




Customer Quote# 169
Have today received the package with first kit.  
Everything is absolutely first class.
I am always pleased to see names that are the finest.
The books look very nice and complete.  It makes it easier to get to work when you have the best tools.  
Thanks  Terry


Customer Quote# 178
I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance given by Ruben during our challenging times. 
It was precise, effective and on time.
So, thank you Ruben and Camsoft team. 
The machine and your software is running is proudly nominated for the Most Innovative Product of the Year for the Decorative Concrete Industry. 



Customer Quote# 184
I want to personally thank you for your patience with me, as I had a thousand questions... flying out at rapid pace... you probably wanted to tell me, to just shut up... but you didn't.  You answered every question, to the best of your knowledge, which I found to be extensive... 

I am very impressed with what you have done... 

Thanks so much for taking your time for us...

- Jeff R


Customer Quote# 187
Thanks all is working good. It's great this way. It won't let me screw up.

This is much, much more advanced than the last Fanuc I ran which was a 6M.



Customer Quote# 194
Hi everyone!
I received the package yesterday.  Wow, great stuff!
Microsoft employee


Customer Quote# 202
I really appreciate the work you have done
I really appreciate the work you have done
I really appreciate the work you have done
I really appreciate the work you have done
I really appreciate the work you have done
I really appreciate the work you have done
I really appreciate the work you have done
Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks


Customer Quote# 205
I absolutely love your controller. Your word was correct. It is a complete closed loop system.
You sell a product that is well engineered, your staff is well trained and your business is very customer focused. 

Thanks Terry


Customer Quote# 212
I just wanted to let you all know that, as of this evening, everything is working absolutely fantastically with the Storebro Combi-Mill
CamSoft retrofit!!!  (G-code, custom user interface ... even interfacing to the old 1982 front panel jogging circuitry !!!)

I certainly must thank all of you for your tremendous support to me over the latest months.  I also appreciate your patience with me!

You've got a great team and I would recommend you folks highly to everyone!

Yes, you may quote me on your customer page ... I think it'd be good for potential customers to know that you guys are dedicated to customer service!



Customer Quote# 216
I find the program excellent, and I congratulate you for your work. 

Best regards,


Customer Quote# 222
I just wanted to provide you with some extremely positive feedback on your dealer John O. with whom we have been working.
I dont believe there exists a better service technician for ANY OTHER PRODUCT than Mr. John O. is for CAMSOFT.
He is the ultimate professional and a natural teacher with unlimited patience.
Additionally, his technical understanding of your company and its software is, I strongly believe, unmatched by anyone else either in your company or outside of your company. 
Several of my graduate students have commented that working with John is the best class Ive ever had.
Thank you so very much for introducing our problems to his service.
Warmest regards,


Customer Quote# 235

Yes we have made some amazing rugs and carpet thanks to the adaptability of your system. 
We are using Rhino to produce the drawings and machine code and have found the combination of this with the CamSoft system give us great flexibility. 

All our product is custom made so every job is different, so speed and flexibility are key factors on what we do.
Kind Regards
John W.
Managing Director


Customer Quote# 241
We put the Camsoft controller on our waterjet last year and everything works Flawlessly.



Customer Quote# 247
After 3 months of preparation in the lab, I was able to start the installation. After 2 weeks the machine was fully functional.

Thank you and please send my thanks to the people from your company for supporting me along this project.

Best regards,


Customer Quote# 251
I wanted to take this time to thank you for your patience. 

I know how difficult it can be trying to diagnose something that you cant see. 

This problem was exacerbated by the fact that two different intermittent problems were giving us the exact same symptom. 

Your help has been invaluable in sorting this problem out.

Dr. Royce 


Customer Quote# 253
That is the "amp drive" document I was looking for...
Magna who rebuilds these does not even have it.... Thanks so much!!!

- Jeff 


Customer Quote# 265
I want to thank you for all your work and dedication. I know this stuff falls out of line from the software. 
I will make sure Gary knows what an asset you are. 
I have a lot riding on CamSoft and have a number of programs local and statewide interested in our program
which we plan on using CS as the foundation of.
It gives me great confidence moving forward to know they support that backs the product. 


Customer Quote# 270
CamSoft Customer Feedback: Upgrade Reduces Cycle Time By 300%!

Often our customers typical mold program consists of over a million lines using XYZ moves.  
The moves are .0002, just long enough for results that provide a finish that only requires minimal polishing.

In this case, currently a computer is next to the machine, drip feeding the program via DNC because of its size (58 megabytes).

They have been running the programs typically at F14 ipm.  
At this feed rate the old controls move buffer doesnt become too low and cause the machine to ratchet while the buffer is empty, waiting for the next moves to be buffered.

With our new control upgrade, we were able to load the entire program into memory and easily run it at F100!

Unfortunately, this mold shape consists of small pockets and reverses direction every .1 or so. 
Trying to do that at F100 is a bit too violent for a large box way machine.

We settled for F50 which still provides a cycle time reduction of over 300%.  
Thats an easy ROI justification to close the deal!

Thanks for all your help!



Customer Quote# 272
Thanks for the quick response, that solved my problem
Thanks again for your help, it's always been outstanding.
I hope they pay you lots of money....

Tony F.


Customer Quote# 285
First, thanks for your kind words and loyalty.
CamSoft's software and support are excellent.  
This allows me to be very proud of the CNC integrations I have accomplished. 
They work !
Always appreciate your help


Customer Quote# 302
Again the machine runs wonderful, everything works very well.
I can't believe my wish list is empty. Finally after all these years my machine has all the bells and whistles. 

I owe you one for this "early" morning Saturday help.
I am on my way home, thank you,....and Diane for all the help.

Andy M. 


Customer Quote# 305
Thank you so much. Yes, this will be used to check temps in the house and in the chest freezer.

FYI, I also installed a number of cameras. 
CamSoft sends me a text message when the driveway alarm fires and I watch who drives up on the cell phone plus
many other KEWL features that just can not be done unless you have a custom system.



Customer Quote# 310
Thanks so much for the detailed reply about the message meanings.

With your guys great support, we are full of confidence building the polishing controller now.

Have a great weekend.



Customer Quote# 319
I only bought your software 14 years ago now. 
I do not know of ANY company that provides this top level of support for one year let alone 14 years

Karl (2nd e-mail)


Customer Quote# 326
I wanted to thank everyone for your patience and support in getting wire winder machine into production mode. 
To be honest, This upgrade was easier than I expected.
Am looking forward to getting second winder working.



Customer Quote# 327
That's, great.!!!!
Thank you very much.
I am at the customers in the morning.
Great support yet again.

Best regards


Customer Quote# 330
Thank you.

Finishing that will be 6 machines running at the Ford studio design. That will be a nice reference.

Now we have 4 running since August,19 with no problems.



Customer Quote# 334
You guys are great. If you could provide me your managers contact info, Id like to send him a letter of appreciation.
I am extremely grateful for CamSofts technical department. Everyone has been extremely helpful, responsive and kind. 

Written Letter: I am writing to express my appreciation for the help provided by your technical staff.  
Their knowledge and resolve to some obscure errors I received during the initial startup of CNC Pro was impressive.  
Impressive also was the effort put forth by your staff to create a new CBK file and updated wiring charts to allow adding a 4th axis rotary table to my system.  

Every response I received in regards to the issues addressed were timely, thorough, and professional.
Not to mention the fact that all issues were resolved.  
It was truly a pleasure working with your staff to resolve these items.  
You have a great crew.  I think a luncheon date is in order for you and your staff!

Thanks again
Dennis K


Customer Quote# 341
I contacted the local "Seimens" dealer and they don't seem to know much if anything about this control.
I'm struggling with this. I have one book that has operating instructions and wiring diagrams, but it seems to be more a generic book.
I would like if I could have the documentation that you have for this.

Oh Wow!! You guys are great!!

Wilmer G.


Customer Quote# 346
First of all, congratulations for the presentation of the documentation.
There are many ways of doing things, only one of them is the best:
Just the way you do it!!!
I take my hat off.....

Jesus R.


Customer Quote# 351
I must say Im very Impressed with the help you have provided on this project and have passed that on to my customers.

Its nice to know you are there for our problems with a quick response, thats not easy to find today.

Bill H.