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CNC Plus PC-Based Machine Tool Controller Software Feature List

CNC Plus adds functionality to CamSoft's CNC Lite software

Added features include:

  • G40, G41, G42 Tool comp
  • M98 and M99 subroutine call and return
  • Threading and Tapping
  • G94, G95 IPR and IPM for Lathes
  • G74 lathe drill pecking
  • G96, G97 Constant surface feed for Lathes
  • G33 fixed & variable speed with/without encoder
  • Backlash axes compensation
  • Lead screw axes mapping compensation
  • Advanced Mid-Program start allows program to begin anywhere
CNC Plus comes with all of CNC Lite's standard features

Included features:

  • Configurable CNC operator screen
  • Unlimited program size
  • Fanuc type G code
  • Configurable G and M codes
  • Extremely fast block processing time
  • Diagnostic software
  • Servo tuning software
  • Visual logic process editor
  • Automatic machine maintenance reminders
  • Event driven digital I/O logic
  • No physical PLC or Ladder Logic necessary
  • Remote machine monitoring
  • ActiveX and DLL source code
  • One year Maintenance/Support
  • E-Mailable parameter files
  • Mix and match virtual controls with physical hardware
  • Easy to install - no C or VB programming necessary

CNC Plus does not include these features that are found in CNC Professional:

  • No CAD/CAM system is included.
  • No graphics tool path display or solid model simulator.
  • Smart Path option is not available for automatic geometry recognition.
  • No Dynamic feed control based on spindle torque.
  • Only canned cycles included for Mills G81-G89 and Lathes G74, G33.
  • No CAD file translators.
  • No matrix command for part or fixture tilting compensation.
  • Many advanced logic commands removed.
  • No multimedia job planner.
  • No virtual desktop diagnostic I/O and motion simulation mode for debugging.
  • Limited G and M code customizing. Most G code motions are fixed.
  • No G code for NURBS or SPLINES.
  • No 3D or 5-axis tool compensation at the controller.
  • No terminal communication program for background part loading.
  • Only RS232 and local ActiveX remote control. Only standard Network access.