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Add, Modify, Edit, Delete and Customize your own G and M codes.

G and M programming codes, Actions and Example Format: 
Special characters that can be used when programming G Code are:
( ) Enter user notes between the two parentheses.
{ } Enter math functions between the two braces in your G code.

The following G Codes are predefined internally and their function cannot be reassigned to a different G Code.  However, functionality can be added to the G Code through logic commands or math function.

CNC Plus adds the following G Codes to CNC Lite's existing predefined G Codes

G33 Rigid threading
G40 Cancel tool comp
G41 Tool comp left
G42 Tool comp right
G74 Lathe Peck Cycle
G94 IPM for lathes
G95 IPR for lathes
G96 Constant surface feed ON for lathes
G97 Constant surface feed OFF for lathes

CNC Plus includes all of CNC Lite's standard G Codes

G00 Rapid move G0 X# Y# Z# up to 6 axis or G0 Z# X#
G01 Linear feedrate move G1 X# Y# Z# up to 6 axis or G1 Z# X#
G02 Clockwise move
G03 Counter clockwise move
G04 Dwell time
G08 Spline smoothing on, optional L# number of blocks to buffer
G09 Exact stop check, spline smoothing Off
G10 Linear feedrate move with decelerated stop
G11 Controlled Decel stop
G17 X Y Plane
G18 X Z Plane
G19 Y Z Plane
G28 move to position relative to machine zero
G53 Cancel fixture coordinate offsets
G54-G59 fixture coordinate offsets 1 through 6
G70 Inch mode
G71 Millimeter mode
G80 Cancels canned cycles and modal cycles
G81 Drill cycle
G82 Dwell cycle
G83 Peck cycle
G84 Tapping cycle
G85 Boring cycle 1 bore down, feed out
G86 Boring cycle 2 bore down, dwell, feed out
G88 Boring cycle 3 bore down, spindle stop, dwell, feed out
G89 Boring cycle 4 bore down, spindle stop, dwell, rapid out
G90 Absolute mode
G91 Incremental mode
G92 Home coordinate reset
G93 cancel home offsets
G98 - G199 User-definable G codes

Including these predefined G Codes, CNC Plus has a total of 199 definable G Codes, most of which are available for user-defined functionality.

Some possible M Codes - Programming Code and Actions
M codes in CNC Plus are fully user customizable.  Including the predefined M Codes, there are a total of 199 definable M Codes.

CNC Plus Adds the following M Code functionality

M98 Subroutine call
M99 Return from subroutine

CNC Plus includes all of CNC Lite's M Codes

M01 Program Stop
M02 End of Program
M03 Laser, Flame or Spindle On Clockwise
M04 Laser Flame or Spindle On Counter Clockwise
M05 Laser, Flame or Spindle Stop/Off
M06 Tool Change
M08 Air/Coolant/Definable switch On
M09 Air/Coolant/Definable switch Off
M30 End of Program when macros are used
M31-M199 User-definable M codes except M98 M99