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Graphical Operator Interface

Graphical Operator Interface

General Purpose Motion Control Factory Automation and Digital I/O logic using a standard PC and CamSoft's Universal Automation Text Based Language

The computer becomes the PLC, does the logic and switches the IO relays

Factory automation

  • Pick and Place
  • Robots
  • Welders
  • Grinders
  • Vision Camera systems
  • Wire and Sinker EDM
  • XYZ or 1-8 axes positioning tables
  • Automatic Height Control
  • Press Brake, Shear, Bending
  • Circuit board cutting
  • Cut to Length
  • Profilers
  • Polishers
  • Dispensing-Glue, Paint, Epoxy, Precious metals
  • Cut of Saws
  • Stone Saws
  • Stone Carvers
  • Drilling machines
  • Assembly automation

Save time, money and frustration. At this price there is no reason to write and debug your own operator interface! No need for physical PLC or third party digital programming software.

IO only or up to 8 axes for any machine type. Includes configurable graphical operator screen, digital I/O control, configurable logic, macro files, diagnostic software, servo tuning software, visual logic process editor, automatic machine maintenance reminders, remote machine monitoring, ActiveX and DLL source code and one year Maintenance/Support.

The computer becomes the PLC, does the logic and switches the relays.

This software is a shortcut to developing a man-machine interface for all general automation applications and contains a wide variety of graphical tools already developed for the user to drag and drop into place.

No VB, C or Ladder logic programming is necessary.

The same text commands work on almost every brand I/O in the world. No need to learn function calls or many other languages. Our software team keeps up with technology for you. We write the Windows drivers and update them weekly. For example #7=OFF is the same command for all of the motion cards and I/O boards we offer. Learn one thing and you don't have to deal with a new command set when a new model comes out. Universally the same command set programs all boards.

The Graphical OI software users can create motion programs of unlimited size. The Graphical OI contains over 100 new commands to get your application up and running faster. The software includes a convenient setup program that saves a single, e-mail able file containing your entire screen design and default system parameter values for debugging. The most important reason to use Graphical OI is the convenience. The entire program structure is already written for you. The driver setup and communication channel to the motion card is already done. Logic handling is fired by events or timers. There is no need to start from scratch the hard work is done. Eliminate writing tons of logic and wasting CPU time waiting around for the digital I/O you want to change. Relax. CamSoft handles digital I/O logic by event and automatically notifies you when a digital I/O changes state, so you can run the appropriate logic for the event that just happened.

Plus free technical support and customer service with our live technical staff & engineers.