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CNC Smart Phone App

App for Smart Phones, Web Browsers and Apple & Surface Tablets


Remote machine monitoring with CNC Professional Controllers

iCNC is a web application server that runs along side CamSoft's CNC Professional Controllers to enable remote machine monitoring through a web browser on smartphones, tablets, and PC's. iCNC enables a web interface to the CNC controller leveraging CamSoft's existing technology for remote machine monitoring with CamSoft's ActiveX DLL. With iCNC and an open connection to the Internet, you can now connect your CNC machine to the "Internet of Things".

The webapp that iCNC delivers provides two informational screens and one remote functions screen with up to 4 user definable machine functions. Use iCNC to gather CNC machine data remotely and display the information on a smartphone, tablet, or PC's web browser. Create functions to run on CNC Professional Controller and run those functions remotely from iCNC.


See on your screen:

  • How many parts were run
  • Cycle run time
  • In cycle status
  • Machine "Idle" time
  • Mahcine "On" time
  • Job name
  • Job number
  • Feedrate
  • Spindle RPM
  • Operator name
  • And much more...

Example Screens

Customization by CamSoft is likely to be required to conform to your needs

icnc general machine information page icnc part information page
icnc user machine functions page