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3D Printing

3D Printing Image

3D Printing Driver for CamSoft Controllers

CamSoft has teamed up with a major developer to create a driver that runs transparently and unseen by the machine operator to dispense multiple layers of materials other than plastics. Materials such as suspended powdered metal, glass and gold.

  • Slicing and Layering of Solid CAD Models with Optional G code output
  • User settable layer depths, rate of flow, material type hatch angle, nozzle diameter, step over distance and I/O valve assignments

Using our pre-existing LOOK AHEAD dispense algorithms we had developed in the early years for Stereo Lithography we have overcome the usual problems of dispensing materials of different viscosities and flow rates.

We give the user programmable control of opening / closing the dispense valves and timing of events with advanced look ahead technology unique to the 3D printing industry that predicts when the "right time" is to open and close the valve in "milliseconds" to produce the ultimate, correctly layered path.

This technology makes it possible to dispense at high rates of speed and
avoid the usual problems of oozing, un-even rims around the part edges,
dispensing that starts the flow too late once travel begins or oozes
too much at the end of each pass creating an unwanted pile and build up.

These features are vital for commercial applications which need both high travel speed and high accuracy to military specs equal to machinable tolerances