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Free Standing CNC Control Enclosure

Starting at $1,495

Free Standing Enclosure and Hand Held Pendant: $2,595*
Free Standing Enclosure (can be sold separately): $1,495*
Hand Held Pendant (can be sold separately): $1,295*
*Computer, Software, Motion card, Terminal strip, Enclosure, Pendants, Motors and Digital I/O are sold separately. Please inquire on the over 55 combinations of hardware / software choices that we offer. We will advise you after listening to your requirements for the application.

Free Standing Enclosure Features:

  • Nema 12 Sealed Computer Enclosure
  • Large angled viewing portal
  • Dimensions Height 48", Width 22, Depth 22"
  • 4 wheels
  • Positive airflow filter
  • Keyboard shelf
  • Large cabinet for computer, amps and power supply
  • Internal Shelf
  • Locked front access door
  • Great against dirt, water, heat and cold.

Hand Held Pendant Features:

  • Dimensions Height 9" Width 5" Depth 1"
  • Cycle Start
  • Single step mode
  • FeedHold
  • Emergency Stop
  • Axes jogging with incremental control
  • A handwheel for manual tool setting and jogging
  • Feed and Speed override pots, from 0 to 200%
  • Digitize/Teaching button
  • Toggling the coolant on and off
  • Send the tool to 0,0
  • Send the tool home
  • Setting tool offsets
  • 2 extra I/O buttons for integrator definition
  • 25 foot cable