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CamSoft Flat Mount CNC Control Station



The CamSoft's Flat Mount CNC control offers a ready-to-go operator station with a large clear Hi Res color screen that has everything you need to replace that old control. The flat panel is large enough to fit over and flush mount over the opening of almost all other existing American, Asian or European brands. It is secured down with 8 counter sunk flat head screws.

The back is open and exposed to be 100% accessible inside a pre-existing electrical cabinet. Cables for the monitor, speaker, keypad, buttons, light bulbs and power are provided.

The face plate is an attractive black silk screen powder coated face which can be replaced with your logo.

All the buttons, lights, keypad and hand wheel are user programmable. CamSoft supplies various logic files for all of the standard CNC machine types so you can get started right away with a generic operator interface that includes all the typical features and functions you would expect.


Standard Features:

  • 19 inch flat screen
  • 21" x 23" black powder coated aluminum
  • Monitor Opening: 14.75" x 12"
  • 52 user programmable touch buttons
  • Recessed key pad membrane
  • Keypad Dimensions: 15.5" x 3.5"
  • Field replaceable and user accessible
  • Precision pulse wheel generator (Hand Wheel)
  • Thick 1/8" aluminum plate
  • 8 counter sunk #8 flat head screw mounts
  • Powered from the standard PC's 12v power supply cable

Optional Features:

  • 19 inch flat touch screen - add $395
  • Standard VESA arm mountable pendant cabinet enclosure - add $495
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 23" x 21" x 4"
  • Touch pad and on-screen pop-up keyboard $45


Optional Enclosure

There are physical buttons to handle all the common CNC task. For the most part you will seldom use a real keyboard. However, from time to time certain file names and edits you will need a keyboard.

A virtual keyboard will pop-up on the screen when needed to type like an Apple iPad or MicroSoft Tablet.

This works great with the Touch Screen option. There is a full touch screen keyboard.

Using a LCD non-touch screen model you may either use the standard keyboard on the computer with a long chord or else get the $45 option that allows them to use your finger on a small 2 inch square touch pad. This way the virtual pop-up keyboard would also work like a touch screen in the sense that a persons finger would act like a mouse to do the typing on a on-screen keyboard.

The touch screens sold at computer stores will work with our system, but these are really meant for medical offices or point of sale retail stores.

The touch screens we use are different in 3 ways:

  1. CamSoft Industrial Touch Screens will not think someone is touching the screen or pressing a button if a water/coolant drop or sweat gets on the screen. It is made of hardened glass, which makes it extremely durable and scratch resistant. Offers a drift-free stable performance that is not susceptible to deterioration over time.
  2. We can't claim they are scratch proof but they are scratch resistant if people with dirty fingers use the touch screen. It is resistant to grease, dirt and water, which makes it ideal for CNC and Automation projects.
  3. They are brighter in luminas (candle power). Meaning with the shop's bay door open in summer standing 15 feet away at a 45 degree angle you can still see the screen clearly.
  4. Keep in mind that not all touch screens are equal. Non-industrial touch screens made for Point of Sale end users such as Grocery Stores, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Stores have these limitations: low light output, diffused resolution images and a plastic surface which can be scratched.