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Hand Held Controller

The Hand Held Pendant Controller is a revolutionary idea. This pendant can be part of a complete machine tool controller for any type of machine control application. The concept is to provide a system with the Hand Held Pendant as the main control. We offer complete packages that include the Hand Held Pendant, CamSoft operator screens and CAD/CAM software preinstalled into a Windows computer. Also included, installed and tested are a 1-8 axis motion card, auxiliary digital I/O card, interconnect module, relay rack and cables. Built upon CamSoft's CNC Professional CNC Machine Tool Controller Software means this is still open and flexible to change and adapt to your application. The biggest difference is there is no need for an enclosure. This controller is ready to get going right away. You can choose to install the system into your existing controller, build your own box or set up the complete system on a bench next to the machine and you are ready to start cutting. (Hand Held Controller priced separately at $1,295.)

HandHeld Pendant Features:

  • Dimensions Height 9" Width 5" Depth 1"
  • Cycle Start
  • Single step mode
  • FeedHold
  • Emergency Stop
  • Axes jogging with incremental control
  • A handwheel for manual tool setting and jogging
  • Feed and Speed override pots, from 0 to 200%
  • Digitize/Teaching button
  • Toggling the coolant on and off
  • Send the tool to 0,0
  • Send the tool home
  • Setting tool offsets
  • 2 extra I/O buttons for integrator definition
  • 25 foot cable