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Software Features

CNC Lite

  • Open and Flexible to change
  • 6 axis hardware and software
  • Create your own Bitmapped Imaged Operator Screen
  • Have your own logo and product identity displayed
  • 199 customizable G and M codes
  • Imports 3D DXF, IGES, HPGL, Gerber and CADKEY
  • 3D CAD/CAM Graphics
  • 3D Drawing and Tool Path
  • 3D Multimedia Windows based CAD/CAM system
  • Includes HMI for Mills, Lathes, Routers, Flame cutters, WaterJets, Lasers, Grinders, and EDM's
  • Automatic Servo Tuning Software Included
  • Logic commands to create any routine such as tool changer, homing or probing
  • Huge Library of pre-written logic routines templates provided
  • Unlimited G code Program Size
  • Offer free posts to other model CNCs for better saleability
  • User Configurable G and M codes Table
  • User Diagnostic Software
  • Remote machine diagnostics, history and control from Windows
  • Automatic machine maintenance reminders
  • Remote Machine Monitoring and Diagnostic
  • Event driven digital I/O logic
  • No physical PLC or Ladder Logic necessary
  • Works with Office NetWorks
  • Three Printed Manuals Totaling 1200+ pages
  • Self Guided Tutorial Manual
  • Operators and Setup Manual
  • Complete Electronic Quick Search Database
  • Expandable with 100% software buy back upgrade policy
  • Offer other CamSoft upgrade options for high profits
  • One year free Maintenance/Support/Updates

Included CAD/CAM Features

  • *Off the shelf Post Processors provided at no charge to be used on your other machines*
  • Solid modeled tool animation with verification
  • Animation shows material removal with light source shading and zooming
  • Simulator shows scallops made by the tool to show the real finish
  • Create your own new feature customized to your specifications with a question and answer format as a standard feature.
  • Create a "Family of Parts" using the included 3D utility language.
  • Parametric programming containing hundreds of 2D and 3D math commands, logic statements, decision making commands and character, word and string manipulations to parametrically alter your parts by changing one value.
  • 3D paths are created using 2D contours that slice the part in the Z axis by stepping up or down.
  • 6 Automatic Mill roughing routines: Zig-Zag
    • Spiral
    • Visual Roughing
    • Drill
    • Constant Velocity Swirl Roughing.
    • Z Level Roughing
  • 9 Lathe roughing routines:
    • OD /ID
    • Valley
    • Facing
    • Turning
    • Profile
    • Casting
    • Boundary
    • Groove
    • Tapered

Additional Included Utilities

Family of Parts, Auto Grooving, Clean Out Boxes, Conical Shapes, Lathe Canned Cycles, Helix, Lathe Center Drill & Pecking, 4 Axis Rotary Tables, Spiral Roughing, Thread Cutting, Individually Modify Each Axis, 3D Cross Sections, Create Tabs, Hole Patterns Library, Ruled Surfaces, Multiple Step Down Tool Paths in the Z Axis, Bend or Twist Parts, Harmonic Cams, Constant Velocity Cams, Cylindrical Projections, Flattening a Part, Lathe Part Off Routine, 3D Path Created from a Top and Side View, Surface of Revolution, Wrap a Part in 3D, Create Box with 4 Radii, Ask Depth, Ask to Select a Tool Path with the Mouse, Select a File, Ask Speed, Feed, Tool Number, Tool Size, Rapid Plane, Machining Plane, Retrieve Information from Tool Libraries, Copy a Tool Path while Changing Something in It, Reverse Tool Path Direction, Optimize Tool Path Motions and Hole Patterns, Group the Same Tools Together, Search Geometry Database, Change Geometry, Search Tool Paths, Change Tool Paths. Surface of Revolution, Swept Surface, Ruled Surface, Cross Section and Top + Cross Section. Automatic gear utilities enable the user to create a gear program by just answering a few questions.